Wednesday, September 7, 2022

Way Back in 1982-84

I pulled out a photo album from 1982-84 to show Josie some pictures of her daddy as a little boy. This first one shows him in the 'chain mail' shirt his big brother made for him--a long underwear shirt covered in magic marker rings--a real labor of love by a 12-year-old for his six-year-old brother.

Popcorn stringing at Christmas-- before John enclosed part of the front porch to make the dining room.

Anticipatory gloating

Also, the sweetest cow I've ever known was a Brahma--and her name was Caroline.

Below--our friends the Langsners grew sorghum, and we were there for a day of the grinding and cooking. A fine experience!



Barbara Rogers said...

Great photos of days of yore! Avast, sweet cow, there comest a boy nearby with mail of chain and perhaps molasses as well.

Sandra Parshall said...

Wonderful photos that will mean a lot to Josie.

Anvilcloud said...

Nice memories for you and glimpses for us.

Glenda Beall said...

I love family photos of years gone by. These are precious. The cow reminds me of one my little sister loved. She would pet the cow and talk to her. I think Gay's cow was named Red.

And, my blog comments pages have gone nuts, so I understand.