Monday, September 5, 2022

Josie's Full Day


Look at these bad babies. Every time I come up to Meema and Grumpy's, I ask her what the babies have been doing because they like to run around and hide in funny places. On this day Meema said she had left them in The Room having a tea party and they were wearing their good dresses. (Sometimes they like to take their clothes off.)

And that's what they had done when I went to check on them. And Margo was standing on her head.

I had a word with them and made them put their dresses back on because I had brought two dolls from my house for a playdate.                                                                                          

Once I got them in their dresses, we had a nice tea party.

We read some books and then I decided I wanted to build with my big blocks in the living room. 

I made a very good tower for my Castle People. The mermaid and the Red Dragon and the Hippogriff went on top. (The mermaid lights up, but she isn't doing it in this picture.)

Then Meema remembered that she had more of these blocks in her closet. You see, she gave them to me when I was about one year old, and she only gave me about half of them then because I was so little. But there were twenty more blocks waiting all this time and Meema got them out and folded them into more blocks

Now I can make a wall and a big courtyard to go with my tower.

Also, when we were getting out the blocks, I found Hamsie hiding in the closet, and we had fun talking.

It was getting late but there was still time to do some painting.

First I painted some rocks. Hamsie watched.

This is a desert with a pyramid and some birds in the sky

I painted on paper too. Flowers and a bluebird and a cardinal. And a tree. I am about to put apples on it.

And I painted a card for my friend Sandy to help her feel better.

After I cleaned up the painting stuff, I had a great idea! The long cords on the new shades in the dining room make a perfect trapeze for the Castle People.

Look at the queen sliding down, She is saying WHEEE!



Marcia said...

Looks like a busy day for you and Josie. Our 5 year old granddaughter in Buffalo starts school tomorrow. She's very excited.

Barbara Rogers said...

Such a lovely day of play with all kinds of people and so many blocks. I'm glad there was also time for painting. Many thanks to you for sharing these lovely episodes with us.

Sandra Parshall said...

I love all of these wonderful photos. I look forward to the card she painted for me!