Thursday, September 15, 2022

Josie's After School Routine

This week, Meema is picikng me up Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. Yesterday was Wednesday and Meema asked me which day I wanted to get an ice cream cone because once a week was the rule. What do you think I chose?

You're right. I chose Wednesday. Because it was now. I also tried a new flavor of ice cream--it was vanilla with oreo cookie mushed up in it and it was AMAZING!

As you can see, now that I am older and bigger, I don't have a baby car seat anymore--just a booster seat so I can see. I like it much better.

I also have a HUGE backpack to carry my lunch and snacks and sweater and pencils and school stuff.

It is pretty heavy, but I can handle it.

When we got home, first I had to find those babies and get Hamsie out. I had some painting to finish and guess what! There were some new watercolors. Which is a good thing because I had used up all the blue and green in the old set.

When I finished painting, we went upstairs to my office because I had a letter to write. Meema did some ironing and then I had an idea. I told her I needed some fabric to make a quilt and she gave me a whole basket full. I told her to keep ironing and not look around because it was Meema Day, and I was making her a surprise.

I laid out pieces of fabric everywhere.

That is how I decorate for Meema Day.

When I told her she could look, she was very excited. She said it was the best Meema Day ever.

It was almost time for my daddy to pick me up, but I let the Castle People take a look at what I painted.

What will I do after school tomorrow?



Anvilcloud said...

I think with Meema’s help, Josie is, so far, leading a good life.

Barbara Rogers said...

What a great after-school program! Many a parent must be jealous! Yes, that back pack is pretty big! Great to keep on painting! Enjoy the fun of colors!

Marcia said...

I agree with Josie now is the best time for ice cream.

Sandra Parshall said...

Life is short. Eat the ice cream first!