Friday, July 22, 2022

Me, Josie

It was my next to last day of summer camp and of course we got ice cream. They had waffle cones again! Also a new flavor that Meema was all excited about--Espresso with chocolate chunks. I had my favorite one scoop of vanilla and one of chocolate.

This is where we sit. Meema does not want ice cream in her car.

I had to check on the babies when we got home. They were playing in boats and paddling to Dragon Island. Meema said they'd been a handful the past few days. 

So I had a talk with them and they promised to be good. But Margo said she still wanted to go outside and climb a tree.

I told her to BE QUIET because I needed to brush my hair.

Yes, I am being careful, Jayna and Sandy.

We read some Calvin and Hobbes. These were my daddy's favorite books and they are mine too. Calvin is very funny.

And I did some art but ran out of time. Until kindergarten starts though, I will spend a lot of days here with Meema and Grumpy or with Grandma and Apa. There will be lots of time for art. And Calvin and Hobbes. And those bad babies.



Sandra Parshall said...

I had to laugh when my worry about her on the rocking horse was promptly addressed! Keep her safe. She's a treasure. ❤️

Jayna Monroe said...

Mine too, LOL.

Marcia said...