Wednesday, July 27, 2022

Art and Play Date and Art

This is a painting I did with acrylics. I asked Meema to draw a hippo for me to paint. She did but I wanted him looking at me so that where I put his face. I also gave him some long grass to eat and water to stand in.

My playdate friend didn't come till eleven so while I was waiting, I colored in this book. I have had it FOREVER, since I could only scribble, but Meema washes the pages off and it's all new again.

This is me and Meema at the beach. See my bangs? And Meema's curly hair? I forgot to give her legs, but she says that's okay.

At last it was play date time! We played down at my house for a while, under the big willow.

We had some lunch.

Then we went to the house. We played with the dolls in The Room and did dress up but then we played with the Castle People.  There was a HUGE rainstorm and then my friend went home. Louise took her.

When she was gone, I did some more art--this time with my acrylics.  You saw the hippo and I did some other stuff with dots and blobs that I folded to make a design. 

It was a very good day.



Sandra Parshall said...

A perfect summer day!

Vagabonde said...

I like the painting of the hippo, very nice. I also like the drawing she did of you – striking resemblance, no? I also saw that she calls you Meema, that’s sweet – I did not know that name for grandma.

In France some people call their grandma “mamy” (and the grandpa is "papy")as they think by having an Anglophone sounds it is nicer I guess. But, I was horrified when I heard my sister-in-law asking her grandkids to call her “nana.” Maybe here it’s OK but in France it’s rather, let me say, pejorative. The word nana in France comes from the 19th century usage, the wife or concubine or a pimp. Now it sometimes means a “broad” in a vulgar way. It’s strange how words have different meaning in foreign languages. I saw someone in Nashville with a tee shirt saying “nana” – I hope they don’t travel to France ! They may get some proposals they did not expect...

Vicki Lane said...

I remember reading Zola"s NANA about a prostitute--perhaps that's the origin of the word? Or was it already in use.

Around here lots of flks call their grandmothers MAMAW --which sounds to me a lot like the French MAMAN. I called one of my grandmothers Ba and the other Meemaw. My Meema is a variation of that.