Wednesday, July 20, 2022

Iconic Summer Sandwich

I almost never buy bacon--too expensive, too unhealthful, too tempting . . . but I can't let the summer go by without a bacon, lettuce, and tomato sandwich. 

And as there were beautiful Cherokee Purple tomatoes at the store . . . well, what could I do?

Toast and mayo, lettuce and salt and pepper. At this time of year my FB feed is full of arguments as to which is the correct mayonnaise --Hellmans or Dukes are the top contenders, but I always make my own. (I grew up in a family fiercely loyal to Hellmans.) Miracle Whip? Mention it not.

The sandwiches, along with some leftover potato salad, made a perfect hot-weather supper. And as a bonus, bacon drippings to save for making cornbread--when it gets cool enough to think about cornbread.



Marcia said...

BLTs are good for breakfast, lunch or dinner around here. I use Hellmans Olive oil mayonnaise.

jennyfreckles said...

I love bacon though, like you, hardly ever buy it due to the health implications. But that does look good for a light meal. I've never heard of Miracle Whip. Sounds like a dessert.

Anonymous said...


And on the rare occasion that I cook bacon, I save the drippings to use when I fry a real egg (I use egg sub. some of the time); so much tastier, and I saw recently that 'they' said bacon drippings aren't as bad for you (in moderation, of course) as previously thought. (Hard to keep up with much of what 'they' say is good/bad for you, so I've pretty much stopped trying and simply use common sense and moderation.)