Tuesday, January 4, 2022

The First Snow

So, of course, I walked it it. Barefoot, per the tradition that promises good health for this undertaking. I don't walk far--not wanting to fall and break a hip in my pursuit of health. But at six am it was time for Jenny to go out so, after convincing her she really had to, despite the white stuff, I did my little stagger in the snow. It was pretty dark, hence the murky picture.

After her initial reluctance, Jenny decided she liked snow and raced about like a madwoman.

Also barefoot--she and Bob and the birds are looking after their future health too.

It's so beautiful--and it will likely be short lived. John and Justin have made sure our road is clear but for today, we're all staying put and enjoying the view.

Jenny goes in and out, in and out. At least I don't have to put a snowsuit on her. When her ears get cold, she comes in to warm them up then back out she goes.

By 4, it was clearing in the east. A lovely little snow!



Thérèse said...

I could not wait to see this yearly post!!! Wonderful!

Barbara Rogers said...

Ah ha...you live where the forecast came about...2-4 inches! Us, just a dust! and only on the cars and piles of leaves...not even on grass. How disappointing can one be? Well, life seems to have those feelings, so there's a good thing called coping. Glad you all could stay in (except Jenny!)

Anvilcloud said...

That looks like a nice snow. We've had snow, obviously, but I would call nay of them nice so far.

Marcia said...

Barefoot in the snow? Never have tried that one. Thermometer read 6º here this morning. Snow we have from before Christmas has melted and frozen so many times that it's like walking on a sloping skating rink now. I do the "Harbin" shuffle - named for Harbin, China (Siberia of China) where youngest daughter lived for 4 years and endured days when temperature never rose above 0º. To walk on the snow/ice required never lifting your foot but just shuffling along.

Anonymous said...

3.1 inches here and very cold today, about 19 degrees! I hate it!

jennyfreckles said...

I enjoyed that - from this distance.