Saturday, January 8, 2022

Josie's Snow Day

There was no pre-school on Friday because it snowed so I spent the day with Meema.

Do you know what a geode is? It is a rock like a hollow ball and when you break it open, there is a surprise. I got a geode for Christmas and Grumpy helped me break it open.

I borrowed his hammer and cold chisel, but I had my own goggles just in case. I tapped on the geode, but it didn't break. We wrapped it in a dishcloth to be safe. Finally, after I tried and Meema tried and it wouldn't break open, Grumpy took it outside and hit it Really Hard.

And look what was inside! 

Gems! Beautiful white crystals!

The Castle People love them!

I also did some painting. This is a stegosaurus. The zig-zag things on his back are called plates, He has ten legs and is about to eat a tree. 

Later Jenny and I relaxed with a video. She likes to snuggle when she isn't running around like crazy or trying to get my food.

It was a pretty good day. 



Barbara Rogers said...

Good times had by all...a geode! What a special treat!

Marcia said...

Must be a blizzard here for school to be closed for snow. Did have granddaughter #2 for lunch yesterday. She was home all week with an off and on fever and cough. She called just at lunch time to come over for lunch. We hadn't started yet so I made her a meatball sandwich too.

Anvilcloud said...

What an excellent snow day.