Monday, January 10, 2022

On A Rainy Day

Sunday was cold and rainy--very rainy. And we got word that Josie had been exposed to Covid at her school on Wednesday and we had been exposed to Josie on Friday. Plans to have a friend over for supper were scrapped and I settled in for a day of reading and watercolor.

I've never been comfortable painting 'from life' but generally take a picture of the subject to work from--that way the light and angles don't change. But after having a go a few days ago at painting Blue Elephant (2) without taking a picture first, I was emboldened to try to capture the magnificent variegated poinsettia my friend Sue gave me.

It was too big and complicated for me to do more than a portion. I sketched in pencil then inked the sketch. Then I began layering color. The gorgeous shadings were challenging, to say the least.

I like to work on two pictures at once, to allow time for the paint to dry in between bouts. A primrose on the table was less challenging than the poinsettia. (Also, you may notice that I was reading Hamnet, of which I'll have more to say tomorrow.)

I actually like the plain pen and ink but can't resist adding color.

By late afternoon when both were done, I had a text from Claui to say that Josie had tested negative, and life could go on--though preschool will be closed this week.

There's something about drawing and painting--trying to capture a likeness-- that engages my full attention, slows my breathing, and erases worry. A great way to pass a rainy day with the possibility of Covid.



jennyfreckles said...

Glad you escaped the virus - I always suspect if I get it it will be from my grandgirls, who can’t help avoid it if it’s in school. I love your drawings and paintings,I can see your skill developing. I’ve just started reading Hamnet, as it happens, so I’ll be interested in your thoughts tomorrow.

Anvilcloud said...

You’re getting pretty good at this. I really like the yellow flowers. Glad you all averted (wrong word, I think) the plague — for now, at least.

Sandra Parshall said...

So happy to hear the negative test results. The vaccinated adults in the family are not likely to get sick, but Josie -- the very thought of her falling ill from this plague hurts my heart.

Barbara Rogers said...

Josie can still have the virus, but as long as she doesn't have any symptoms she probably doesn't. I do hope Josie doesn't have it! I bought a couple of tests when it became apparent that this time it could sneak past all my defenses! But as to your painting - wow! These are beautiful. I have always enjoyed the combination of pen and ink and watercolor. I have a yen to get back into painting these days. Maybe soon...

GPearson said...

The poinsettia and primrose are beautiful. My favorite is the poinsettia - you captured the lovely pastel coloring so well.