Monday, October 11, 2021

What I Did This Weekend

Saturday I worked on two Rabbit Rabbit pictures for November and December--which is when you'll see them. Today, I made an attempt to paint without the comforting ink lines I find myself wanting to use. The bunny is copied from a picture I found on the internet and the leaf is from an old photo of mine. Both still need a little more work. I struggle with browns and grays--always wanting to throw in something bright.

Done previously: Above is from a photo taken on the road I travel to pick up the Josephine from preschool. I love the roofline on the falling down pigpen--that's why I took the picture. The sign is actually farther along the road but I felt it needed to be there. (Prama means, among other things, the means by which one obtains accurate and valid information about the world. It is for the Prama Institute which is next door to Mountain Breezes Preschool.) I am pathetically bad at trees and foliage.

More bad trees and foliage. This is taken from a picture of an oil (or acrylic) painting someone (Martin?)posted on FB. I was so drawn to the house with its orange roof and turquoise shutters that I had to try it. It scratched the itch but fell far short of what I want. No matter-- I learn a bit more with each try.

And below are drops of water--from an exercise in one of my painting books. I was so delighted that they actually look pretty much like waterdrops.




Anvilcloud said...

You're doing well. I like buildings with character.

Barbara R. said...

I've never tried to paint water drops...these are fantastic! I've learned by looking closely at pro water colorists, that trees are actually all green. They are all kinds of colors, and are much like the water drops, with highlights and shading.