Thursday, October 7, 2021

Cicada Killer Wasp

These critters keep showing up in our house. I think it's a first in our forty-plus years. They are huge but non-aggressive--though John did get stung when he picked up one he thought was dead.

They are either crawling on the floor--at which point I toss a heavy folded dish towel over them and transport them outside--or zooming around overhead. 

Evidently they look for cicadas to paralyze to provide food for their own young. Maybe they're desperate due to a lack of cicadas--I saw only one this year.

More about these critters HERE.



JJM said...

I was desperately unhappy at the lack of cicadas in our area, as well. I did see a handful, but I was so looking forward to their loud and joyful ode to life and love and finding a mate in their brief time above the ground. Instead, a sad silence.

They were also far smaller than I remembered them, which was to me a matter of much concern.

Not a single wasp, though, for which I admit I am grateful.

Anvilcloud said...

Does no seem like fun times.

KarenB said...

We get those as well and they are HUGE! They would burrow in the sandbox we had and scare the living daylights out of the kids when one would emerge.

Barbara Rogers said...

Oh that's a triple yuk! Yuk Yuk YUCK~!! Never heard of them, and hope to never meet them!

Marcia said...

Being allergic to wasps I avoid all stinging type of insects. I would not want to have those in my house or yard.

Here's a miracle: house painter shoed up today. Spent more than the previous 2 hours here and got some priming work done. Will he show tomorrow? I have no idea. His lies about when he will come are stuff that legends are made of.