Wednesday, October 13, 2021


Hey, it's me Josie again. I had another sleepover at Meema and Grumpy's on Monday night. 

I took Margot down to watch the goldfish and we counted seven.  Well, counted them because Margot is only one and can't count while I can count to 100 if someone helps with the -ty numbers like 40, 70, and 90. Meema got me to count when she turned the lights out to go to sleep but it didn't make me sleepy. 

Of course we did some painting.  Meema is still working on a bunny. (She is pretty slow but I can finish a picture in no time.)

Meema says I am moving from my abstract/color field phase to more representational pictures. (I just did it to make her happy because she asked it I could make a tree. I made purple water, a yellow sun and two trees--apple and banana--and one more.)

I put some of my babies to bed in my old crib. Now that I am a Big Kid, I sleep in the bed with Meema and Blue Elephant and Snugglepuppy and Margot and Dolly. And a few books. Sometimes I have to tell Meema to skooch over (she is very large.) And sometimes Corycat gets on the foot of the bed. But we all sleep together very nicely, once Meema settles down.

I love sleepovers but Meema says one day a week is enough if I don't want her to get cranky. (Sometimes she is a little cranky anyway like when I had to take Dolly and Blue Elephant and Margot into the grocery store and she didn't want to carry them for me. She didn't want to carry my suitcase either and I had to leave it in the car. But mostly she is nice and reads books and gets me food when I ask politely. I ate four apples in one day. You have to have apples when you are reading.)



Anvilcloud said...

Sue used to find the opposite when she slept with young Danica who just sprawled all over. It's actually easier now that she bigger.

Barbara Rogers said...

How fun to have a sleep over with Josie, now that she's big enough to be in the big bed! Of course there are all those dolls...well, eventually they'll be at the back of the closet and she'll be more interested in boys. Don't hold your breath!

Marcia said...

Josie loves her Meema and vice versa.