Sunday, October 10, 2021

Corycat Feels Unappreciated

After days of rain and gloom, we had a beautiful morning. All of nature seemed to be calling me to go out and kill something. So I left by my private door (a loose screen that no one seems to notice.)

My efforts were rewarded with a fine chipmunk. Thinking to cheer up The Woman (she doesn't seem to have much of a life beyond attending to our litter box and food,) rather than consume the tasty morsel, I brought it in to share with her and put it on the rug by her bed.


What a nice surprise for her, I thought. I wonder if she'll eat it right away or play with it first.

An artful presentation, I thought, sure to please.

So what happens? The Woman is putting away laundry and almost steps on my gift. Is she thrilled? Does she thank me?

She does not. She makes a funny noise and picks up my lovely offering by the tail and goes outside with it. She doesn't even bat it around a bit. When she returns, it is without my chipmunk.

If she didn't want it, at least she could have left it for me. I could have put it in my secret place in her workroom (a basket where there is lots of fabric) and saved it for later.




Barbara R. said...

Poor old Corycat! And it certainly was a beautiful catch! I'm with you, Mom, in not wanting to step on little critters that are offered...and grateful it wasn't on your bed!!

Anvilcloud said...

At least the thing wasn't alive. It has been known to happen. :)

jennyfreckles said...

‘All of nature seemed to be calling me to go out and kill something.’ ! Brilliant - you do have a way with words. Made me laugh.

Vicki Lane said...

Jenny, I think I'm remembering a line from a Wodehouse story here--not quite quoting but he said something very like that. Only steal from the best.