Friday, October 15, 2021

Fall Gardening-Lite

My touchy back and imperfect balance make impossible the kind of gardening I once did. But it's fall and it's time to plant some pansies. If deer or chipmunks don't mess with them, they will bloom through the winter, their smiling faces uplifted as the sow melts.

A few share space with a snapdragon, dianthus, and golden oregano in the planter by the greenhouse door.

On the deck, I pruned back the evergreens in the blue pots to make room for pansies.

We'll enjoy seeing them from the dining room windows. And there was a bonus--one pot had a fine crop of chickweed, just right for the evening salad.

There are more pansies to plant but that will entail making space in some overcrowded beds. Onward and upward in the garden--at my own slow pace!



Marcia said...

Sorry to hear of your balance issues. Not easy for a gardener.
I got a package in the mail yesterday from Fedco containing Asiatic lilies, bluebells and an assortment of daffodils. I'll be planting this afternoon.
I have pansies still holding on from the spring. We don't have the summer heat that forces them to die back. Doubt they will last the winter like yours will.

Barbara Rogers said...

Enjoy your pansies...having their little faces all winter in the greyness does give cheer!