Saturday, October 30, 2021

Back to Shelton Laurel

I took a drive out to Shelton Laurel yesterday. 

The foliage was amazing--pretty much at peak.

The sun, however, was hidden behind low clouds but I still found a lot to photograph. These are a merciful few of the 159 pictures I took.

I poked along, stopping whenever there was a pull off--either to let people in a hurry pass me and/or take pictures.

There wasn't much traffic--except at one point, a clutch of bear hunters in their camo outfits and bright orange caps. Excited dog noses poked out of the dog boxes in the back of their trucks.

I wish I could have gotten a picture, especially of the  truck barreling down the road with one hound standing atop the dog box, busily sniffing the air.

And I should have tried to record the baying of the hounds already loosed, a deep, melodious sound echoing through the valley.

Though I'm no fan of bear hunting, especially as it's done here with radio tracking dog collars, it's as much a traditional way of life for some folks as the pig roast at the VFD.

Shelton Laurel is a beautiful place, fiercely loved by its people.

I was acutely aware of present and past as I meandered up the valley, remembering the events I wrote of in And the Crows Took Their Eyes.

Much that I saw could have been what they saw back then.

I made a call of respect to the chimney that remains of Judy Shelton's house.

And I stopped to photograph the place that some believe to be the site of the massacre.

The clouds kept getting lower and rain was forecast to begin soon.

So I turned around at the Carmen Church of God and headed back home.

Still taking pictures.

So much to enjoy.

So much to love.


Marcia said...

Thanks for the tour. Despite the low hanging clouds you captured the day and the place.

Wayfarin' Stranger said...

Wish we could have gone with you. But thanks for the next best thing.

Barbara Rogers said...

Loved these shots to add to my inner pictures of Shelton Laurel. Incidentally I tried to locate it on maps and no avail. Of course it exists...but I couldn't figure out how to visit, and I'd love to do so.

Mary Maupin said...

So beautiful Vicki! Aren't we fortunate to call this home--this statement feels trite, but it's true. And, I love your new background for your blog.

Vicki Lane said...

Wayfaring Stranger--nice to see your tag again. Are you all still roaming the roads?

Anvilcloud said...

Autumn Rambles are good, and this one is terrific. So poignant to see the connection with Crows.