Thursday, March 4, 2021

Josie Works, Tends to Her Children, and Gets Ready for a Ball

So much to do!

While I eat breakfast, Hamsie and I play the piano.

Then I have some tracing work to do. I get a sticker to put on a page when I finish. I am getting pretty good at staying on the dotted lines, except when I am in a hurry to finish and get a sticker.

Then, after reading some books and doing some drawing. we go back to The Room. I have to snuggle with Margot to get her to go to sleep.

Finally the kids are asleep and I can ride Philly.

Then they both wake up. Margot has to go potty and Dolly wants pancakes.

Being a mommy is a LOT of work.

Sometimes I get frustrated. . .

And I have to hide under the dining room table.

But tonight I am going to a ball with my sister Cinderella. I have on my dancing slippers and my purple scarf.

There is a way to wear a scarf so you look fancy. I am especially good at flinging it over my shoulder. Now I need a long dress. . . Meema says she will see what she can do.



Barbara Rogers said...

Ah, the long dress for the ball. Glad you didn't volunteer to be the fairy godmother!

Marcia said...

She keeps you active I see.

Sandra Parshall said...

How precious she is! I love these reports on her activities. ❤️