Thursday, December 31, 2020

Breaking Up Christmas

 Per family tradition, I'll spend today disassembling the Christmas tree so it will be out of the house before the New Year. The lights on the stairs and elsewhere will stay to cheer us through January's darkness, but I'll also begin to put away the red and green bits.

I'll set the black-eyed peas to soak and give thanks for the end of this horrible year. 

Though it's tempting to stay up till midnight to see the end of it (make sure it goes, as someone said,) it's been a while since we felt the need of waiting till midnight to toast the New Year. 

Instead, I'll be thinking of my blog friends in different time zones and raising a glass with them--Joan, Merisi, Therese, Miss Yves, Martin, and Andree --and all the rest of you, here and there. 

Goodbye, 2020--and good riddance!


Anvilcloud said...

Sue has no particular timetable but begins to disassemble after New Year. Some of the wintry, red & white decs can stay up for the next special day -- Valentines.

jennyfreckles said...

My Christmas decorations (fairly minimal anyway) were up for just a week this year and are all packed away again now. A poinsettia that a friend gave me arrived with masses of red and green - every day more leaves have dropped, so it is now a shadow of its former self. It may be too hot, too cold, too dry or too wet according to Dr Google! Who knows? Just another symbol of a tough year, I think. In turn, I will raise a glass to you tonight. Hooray for blog friends that have helped pass the hours this year. Happy New Year!

Barbara Rogers said...

I will wait another week to take down my 2 wreathes outside my doors. I like having greenery to look at, even if artificial. And many lovely indoor flowers...the poinsettia still has red flowers, even if it was like Jenny's and lost most of the green leaves! Happy 2021 to all your family and friends around the world!

Sandra Parshall said...

Happy new year to you and your wonderful family! 2021 WILL be better, because it couldn't possibly be worse. Positive attitudes, everybody!

Vagabonde said...

It’s strange I have never heard of the tradition to put away all Christmas things before New Year. But you do say it is a family tradition.

Well my Armenian family tradition is to celebrate Orthodox Christmas on January 6th, and they were Christians too. I think now about immigrant children in the US from Greece, Russia, Bulgaria, the country of Georgia, Ukraine and many others who are from Christian Orthodox areas and may be sad to see all the Christmas accoutrements disappear before they can celebrate– well, as they say here, they have to become American, and go with the dominant flow and forget diversity (it’s the American Way they say, no?) and celebrate it on the 25th (then nowadays immigrant children are not thought about much.)
You mention friends in different time zones, how about friends in different day zones?
At least we may celebrate the New Year at the same date? What about the Chinese?
Anyhow, I wish you a very happy New Year (I have not celebrated Christmas yet, by the way… and shall be wrapping present this afternoon … please don’t faint.)

Thérèse said...

Same here, we dismantled everything except for the lights or should I say for the main Christmas light a lamp star light (?). Serenity and colors for 2021, let's remain positive all year long, a lot of things are going to change in a "bizarre way" I am sure<. Take care Vicki.