Wednesday, July 22, 2020

The Words! The Words!

Apart from a quick trip (early morning, pre-coffee) to the garden to pick tomatoes, cucumbers, and zucchini (those unstoppable squashes) and some time spent sorting out Josie's re-arrangements and putting them where I think they belong, I've spent the day swimming in words--trying to finish up the last pages of content for the new website.

 Oh, and catching up on some overdue correspondence--emails, alas. I know how nice it is to get a handwritten letter--but my handwriting has deteriorated into illegibility. And I get impatient--the keyboard is so much quicker. These days the only actual letters I send are condolence notes. Sad, but true. 

Anyway, I'm on the home stretch, condensing and revising material from past classes into a very brief, fairly idiosyncratic, writer's guide.  Stuff past students have found useful--basics like setting, characters, dialogue, and plot.

Now I have to proofread. My head is swimming but tomorrow I have Josie and we'll blow bubbles and play with play dough and I'll be the voice for her many different stuffed animals.

Two quick Josie stories from Monday: We were upstairs in my workroom and I was ironing some napkins (don't judge) while she was drawing at a desk that is now called her office. I finished my ironing and turned around in time to see her reaching for a permanent marker. She'd already liberated a goodly number of my pens and pencils, so I said she couldn't have that one. 

She glared at me. "Meema, turn around and do your ironing."

In other news, she tells me she has a baby boy in her belly and his name is Margo. 


Anvilcloud said...

That's a delightful anecdote.

Barbara Rogers said...

You are the caregiver as well as scribe, the one who records the wonderful young woman's growth and adventures in life.

Sandra Parshall said...

Isn't this pretty standard behavior for age 3? They get bossy then, don't they? Please tell us she didn't decorate a wall with the Magic Marker.

Gorgeous daylilies. I have some of the same.

Vicki Lane said...

She is very bossy--Josie Bossypants Skemp, we call her. But the marker in question turned out to be a dry erase marker (pretty much dried up itself) so i let her have it. So far she's been very good about only drawing on paper.

ArnnKnight said...

How to keep sane in a world gone mad...thanks for some vicarious living. The pups don't provide such delightful discussions!