Thursday, July 23, 2020

Josie Does Art and Some Rearranging

I did some art yesterday. I drew my family. I make big O's and put in eyes and nose and mouth. 

I used my art supplies and different colors to make pictures for Mommy and Daddy.

When I had made enough pictures, I decided to go see my friends in The Room.

In the morning Meema puts the curtains over the windows to keep the hot sun out. She has to leave a little open so I can see to play.

Something is different. Now I have two shelves for my stuff.

I can reach the next shelf too. Maybe Meema will move those books also.

I move my babies to the big bed because it's time for their nap. They say they aren't sleepy and they are very oppositional but I make them lie down with Meema. I read then a story about Pete the Cat and then I say GO TO SLEEP!

Next I have to check under the bed to see what Corycat and Angeline are doing. They are taking naps.

A tea party is happening over here. 

I pour tea for everyone and help Panda sit up to drink his.

Then I get some of Meema's shoes out of her closet and put them on the bed with my medium-sized poop book,

Meema gets fussy. Josie, why do you put my shoes on the bed? she says.

Because that's what I do, I say, and I go to get some more stuff. There is plenty of room for everyone on the big bed.


Barbara Rogers said...

Lovely play on the big bed...tea parties and naps and stories. And the art! Happy kitties napping under the bed. I bet on days when Josie doesn't visit they might be on the bed themselves!

Vicki Lane said...


Sandra Parshall said...

And does she put it all away herself? Poor kitties, losing their prime napping spot. Does Josie ever offer them catnip rro. the garden to make up for it?