Friday, July 10, 2020

Have You Ever Really LOOKED at Your Tomatoes?

The cherry tomatoes on the deck are Josie's special treat.

But the two rows in the garden are for me and John to tend. 

I spent several hours yesterday morning, getting up close and personal as I removed the low-hanging leaves to deter the spread of blight. 

That down low view afforded me an excellent opportunity to appreciate the beauty of the tiny blossoms. And those tiny hairs on the vines--what'up with those?

Well. A quick side trip via Mr. Google and now I know they are called trichomes. There are seven different types, glandular and non-glandular, and they all provide protection against insects.  There's an interesting (to me, at least) article HERE.

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Barbara Rogers said...

Goodness, you are such an inquisitive scientist! I imagine the little hairs on tomato stems will be woven into a story of yours sometime! But thanks for getting down to the level of those blossoms, they are pretty and promise luscious maters to come.