Tuesday, November 13, 2018

The Last of the Leaf Color

These were taken last Friday. Saturday night we had low temperatures and I watched Sunday morning a tree that had been bright yellow at sunup lost most of its leaves while the remaining ones were brown by midday.

Yesterday was a day of heavy rain -- I suspect most trees will be bare before long.

Still, it was beautiful while it lasted.

It's always a bit of a wrench to go from the golds and yellows, reds and oranges to  the browns and grays ahead.

But it's nice to see the contours of the land again, to find beauty in subtlety, to appreciate all that the season offers.

There's always another photo opportunity ahead . . .

Like this red-tailed hawk I spotted while driving down Anderson Branch. Luckily there were no other vehicles in sight and I stopped and caught him just before he took wing.


Anvilcloud said...

I tend to find November bleak as the leaves are down, but there's no white covering yet. But we have been getting some early snow this year, and it is white this morning.

Barbara Rogers said...

Sunday morning as the sun came up on our frost covered leaves, they just seemed to sigh and let go. There was no wind or rain, just cold and light. Then a quiet leaf-fall. It wasn't something you could take photos of, but a mystical experience all the same.

Vicki Lane said...

That was exactly it, Barb!

Elizabeth Varadan, Author said...

What a beautiful shot of that hawk. I love fall. I really think it is my favorite season. I particularly like the last photo of the blue bench against the fall colors. Lovely! In winter, we don't get the snow, but the spider-web, filigree branch work is beautiful to look at. Actually, every season has its beauty.

Juliet said...

How beautiful to watch the seasons changing wth you, and poignant too. Here in New Zealand we are enjoying the brightness of Spring.