Tuesday, November 27, 2018

A Messenger or a Symbol or a Luck-Bringer?

While looking online for the meaning of the cardinal's name, I found that some people believe these beautiful red birds are messengers -- that their name is from the Latin cardo, meaning an axis or a hinge and that the cardinal is the hinge on the gate between Earth and the spirit realm and the carrier of messages  between the two.

You are advised, on sighting a cardinal, to recall just whom
among your departed friends you were thinking of as the cardinal is bringing that person's message.

There were two cardinals the day I took these photos. Some 
days there are six or seven or more. The number of messages is overwhelming at times.

I also found that some Christians see the cardinal as a symbol of Christ's blood and of Christmas.

And some Native Americans regard them as lucky, believing that the person who sights a cardinal will receive good fortune in twelve days time. 

As we see cardinals daily and year round, the Native American belief is my favorite.


Barbara Rogers said...

They definitely are beautiful and bring a smile!

katy gilmore said...

Does it work? - the 12 days time thing?

Vicki Lane said...

Well, we see cardinals all the time and we've been extremely fortunate, mostrly. So, yeah, maybe

Jime said...

No Cardinals out here but we do have a rare Summer Tanager which is bright red so maybe it brings luck. I hope so.