Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Good Things -- and a Request

More glorious rain! Sunday's rain ended with a fine rainbow but last night's rain was after dark. There was a fine light show in the east as we sat on the porch drinking coffee and enjoying the cool air.
The turkeys are becoming regulars -- in the early morning we are likely to hear a soft chirping  just outside the back door as the two mamas lead their babies along the bank behind the house, on the way to the bird feeder. 
I mentioned yesterday that I was newly energized to begin work on the promotion aspect of the next book.  To that end, I'm setting up another blog just for The Day of Small Things. 

It won't be a blog like this; instead I see it as more like a small website -- which I can update as needed. At present I have a media page with bios and a photo and another page with an excerpt from the book.

I'd like to add a Frequently Asked Questions pageI have one already on my website but it's about five years old so I'd like some fresh questions.

Which is where you all come in -- all questions gratefully received. Is there anything you would would like to know about me or my writing?

I'll post a link to this new site in a few days, after I've ironed out a few of the kinks and after I've set up the FAQ page. And then I'll take suggestions for more additions.
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joanna said...


beautiful photos -- turkeys are noisy birds -- but the males are are so pretty ..
That is a great idea you have a FAQ web page getting to know the author.

Will visit when it is ready.


Pat in east TN said...

No rain here in quite a while and things are drying up rapidly. 7" behind for the year so far and little to no rain expected over the next 10 days ... this is getting scary.

Wow, a new site and a FAQ page ... I can hardly wait. It should be interesting and fun!

Brian Miller said...

very cool. saw a turkey jus the other day, but deer are our big thing. traffic stopped in downtown on my way home as a herd crossed the road.

i think the blog/website is a great ida, love it when authors layer the books like that...

Kaye Wilkinson Barley - Meanderings and Muses said...

Can't wait to see the new website, Vicki!
And can't wait for The Day of Small Things!!
And oh how I wish I were joining you at B'Con this year; not in the cards I'm afraid. I know I'm going to cry buckets that whole week thinking about you all in San Francisco.

Reader Wil said...

Yes I will visit you too! And I am going to buy your new book.
Thanks for your visits.
The didgeridoo is a strange and mysterious instrument. I tried to play it, but can't master the circular breathing, which has to be practised at an early age.

Helen said...

Q: When writing, how do you find the time? Do you schedule blocks of writing hours in your day, or always write for a certain amount of time in the morning, etc.?

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures. I am loving your shots. The rainbow picture was breathtaking.
The FAQ page and the new website is a great idea. Very cool.

Tess Kincaid said...

Super idea for the website. For starters, I'd like to know how long you've been writing and how you got started.

Friko said...

yes, i have a question, an impertinent one:

you are a very busy lady by all accounts, how do you find the time and energy to do everything you do?

What makes it possible? What is your secret?

9I told you it was impertinent)

Vicki Lane said...

Thanks so much for the encouragement and special thanks for the questions! Which I will answer in the FAQ of the new DAY OF SMALL THINGS blog in a few days!

Elora said...

I echo willow and Friko's questions, and have more of my own when your blog is up, Vicki! So excited to have you do this! When do you write? How long at a time? When do you do your blog/photos? And, yes, Friko's summary question: how do you do it all and especially with perfection?!

I'll look forward so much to reading your new blog!

Kathryn Magendie said...

I just recommended your books to a book blogger who was looking for mysteries to read :)

Anonymous said...

Diana Gabladon in her blog talks about her nonlinear writing style, writing unconnected 'kernels' that then group into 'chunks' and finally she sees the 'continents rising' and the overall shape of the book. How do you "shape" your books? Outline? Write snippets and then connect them? Chapter by chapter or is it more random?

There are a number of stores in Atlanta that stock your book; if it's OK with you, I might just talk to a manager or two and see if they would expect at least that many folks to come. Otherwise, I'll look forward to catching an appearance in NC before long. One of the joys of partial retirement is a more flexible schedule.

Lynne in GA

Vicki Lane said...

Many thanks, Kat!

Great questions, Elora and Lynne! I'm working on the answers so I can put the link up on July 1.

Vicki Lane said...

And why didn't I answer the second part of your question, Lynne! Trying to do too many thin=gs at once, I guess. It would be lovely and kind if you did that, Lynne -- or if you want to give me the names of those stores, I could try it myself.

Tipper said...

Still no rain here. Your new page sounds neat-I'll be thinking of questions : )

Stella Jones said...

Great idea Vicki. I shall watch out for it. I would like to know how you fit in your writing with your daily life, e.g. how long do you spend per day writing? and how long reading?
I'm glad you've had some rain. We have had a little but not enough.
The butterfly picture is stunning.
Blessings, Star

Vicki Lane said...

I've answered the first part of that question on the FAQ page, Star. O n a normal writing day I probably spend about 4 hours trying to get words in some sort of order. Reading is catch-as-catch-can -- I read while I eat breakfast and lunch and for a bit after lunch and for a bit before I go to sleep. And sometimes more . . .