Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The Cow

Well, technically, Marigold is still a heifer -- she won't be a cow till she gives birth. But she's showing signs that she's been bred : her belly's bigger and her udder's beginning to develop --'making a bag' as they say around here.  As the birth date approaches and the udder gets bigger, she'll be 'baggin' up.'

If all goes well -- or, again, as they say around here 'if nothing don't happen,' we hope to enjoy rich Jersey milk, cream, butter and cheese beginning this fall! 
Here's a poem by Robert Louis Stevenson from one of my childhood books. It seems appropriate.

The Cow

The friendly cow all red and white,
I love her with all my heart:
She gives me cream with all her might,
To eat with apple tart.

She wanders lowing here and there,
And yet she cannot stray,
All in the pleasant open air,
The  pleasant light of day;

And blown by winds that pass
And wet with all the showers,
She walks among the meadow grass
And eats the meadow flowers.

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Catalyst said...

How curious! I had just finished eating a piece of SWMBO's fresh apple tart with whipped cream. Then I read your poem!

Martin said...

Ah, one of my favourites from childhood too. A local farmer kept Jerseys in a field at the end of our road.

Around here it's mainly Holstein-Friesian nowadays.

jennyfreckles said...

How lovely to have your own cow. I didn't know that bit about heifers. As to the poem, I used to like that one when I was a kid.

Merisi said...

As a child, I was often the one to be sent to the cellar to pick up the pot of milk left at the bottom step the night before, after milking the cows. My mother would lift the cream carefully from the top and collect it in a wooden butter tub. I loved watching her churning the cream, producing the best butter ever.

Reader Wil said...
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Reader Wil said...

I hope your heifer will soon have a beautiful calf! BTW applepie proved to be the favourite tart of my Australian family. ( I deleted my previous comment for there were some mistakes in it!)

Pat in east TN said...

Marigold is a beautiful girl and how exciting that within a couple of months she'll be a mom and you'll be enjoying some yummy benefits also. Keep us updated, please .....

Elora said...

Well....that did it.

I found your lovely blog through my connection with blogger, Barbara, of Folkways Notebook who lists both your blog and my blog on her blog. I began reading and enjoying yours some three weeks ago and added you to my Google Reader. So many things you write about and photograph are mirror images of my life, or I should say OUR life (husband's and mine) here on the farm. You'll see what I mean, I believe, if you visit:

What's somewhat amazing is that one of my posts is called The Cow. Somewhere around January 22-23. 2010 it was posted. I am working on a novel;(you're way ahead of me, here, but part of my attraction to your blog was because of your writing success and our similar ages). I've only written non-fiction (for pay) so this is a foray into fiction, which I am enjoying immensely and you became an instant role model. I've been quietly reading your daily posts. "Lurking" is the term, maybe??

But, it was your post today--The Cow--that seemed most astonishing: our heifer-- MARIGOLD--calved about two months ago. We are still introducing her to the "art" of being milked! We milked her mother for two years,(cheese, butter, mozarella, cottage cheese--the whole routine) but for some reason she didn't re-breed. But her daughter, Marigold, did breed, so we're onto another adventure, convincing her to let us have her milk!

So, I do hope you'll visit my blog at least once, just to observe (as I have) the similarities!

I've certainly enjoyed yours, and look forward to reading about what you are doing, comparing it to what we are doing...and enjoying every minute! Thank you!


Jean Baardsen said...

I'm happy for Marigold, and for you! Love Robert Frost.

Tess Kincaid said...

The Stevenson was a treat this morning! I am so cow ignorant. I didn't know what a heifer was. (duh) Marigold is so pretty.

Vicki Lane said...

I'd like a nice piece of apple tart just now, Catalyst!

Holsteins are the cows of choice for dairies over here because of the great quantities of milk those cows give. But we chose a Jersey for the higher butterfat.

It's a sweet poem, isn't it, Jennyfreckles!

I am so looking forward to making butter again, Merisi! I have an electric churn just waiting!

Thanks, Wil! And our apple trees are covered with fruit -- looks like a good year for apple tart!

Pat -- Keeping my fingers crossed that all goes well. You never know, especially with a first calf...

Elora -- oh my goodness! This is amazing! I've checked out you blog and it's like we've been looking over each other's shoulders! I've added you to my list and will be checking on you!

Hey, Jean -- I hope your husband is continuing to do well!

Willow -- What the Manor needs is a lovely cow, don't you think?

R. Burnett Baker said...

"She walks among the meadow grass and eats the meadow flowers" is such a happy thought. This reminded me of my youth raising Angus for 4H. Two bulls and a momma cow. I'll have to find the photos of my Dad and I with old momma cow. It was hard work but what great life lessons....


Anonymous said...

She looks very beautiful. She'll be a Mom soon and that's great. Cute poem...:)

Deanna said...

I memorized all of Stevenson's poems at one point in my life. Love it. Love the cow. Love the thought of fresh milk, cream, and butter. Pretty flowers too!

Vicki Lane said...

Rick --I grew up a city kid -- or rather a suburban kid -- and always envied those who could do 4-H!

Mr.S -- She IS a pretty thing, I think!

Deannna -- If all goes well . . . keeping fingers crossed!

Brian Miller said...

a wonderful verse...having spent some time around a farm it gave me smiles...

maría cecilia said...

Hola Vicki, how nice to have a cow at home and pregnant much better!!!... and "if nothing don´t happen" you will have a joy drinking fresh milk!!! your blog´s new look is pretty much spring time (excuse my english, please)
Have a great time,
Maria Cecilia

Tipper said...

I've often thought-is there anything sweeter than a cow-I'm not sure there is!

Pame Recetas said...

Wow How I love the fresh whipped cream on the apple tart! Marigold is just a cuttie! hope to hear good news soon!

Vicki Lane said...

It IS a rather idealized view of the cow, isn't it, Brian? No mention of the manure, the flies, or the cow that DOES stray. Or kick.

Your English is a million times better than my Spanish, Maria Cecilia! And I loved the blog post with the pictures of your amazing house!

Jersey cows are particularly sweet-looking but we've had a couple of onery one in the past, Tipper. Marigold, so far, is pretty mush a pet -- would probably try to get in a lap.

Pamela -- It will probablyy be fall before Marigold calves ("comes in" they say around her.) And oh, yes, that whipped cream is a huge treat!

Carol Murdock said...

I'd give anything for a Marigold but neither of us are able to milk!
However, I am trying to find a farmer to buy raw milk from but no success as of yet. :(