Monday, July 26, 2021

Waiting for Miss Birdie

Several people suggested Miss Birdie might have a story to go with the old house in yesterday's post. I asked her about it and she allowed as how they were an ordinary, uninteresting family. 

'''cept for Elroy," she said. And I waited. I hope she'll tell me more before tomorrow.

I went down the hill to work on the barn quilt but had to go see Justin and Claui's incredible Stargazer lilies. The sweet-spicy fragrance is amazing.

And I had to check on Dave and NotDave and their chicks,

Dave has three.

NotDave has two.

Here's the barn quilt in progress. The phoenix is awaiting a third coat of yellow and then there will be some red over parts of the yellow. The masked off white hollow square will be a light golden brown. All those coats take a lot of time. Maybe it'll be ready to hang in another week.



Barbara R. said...

Whow, great lilies! Loved the hen's names. That phoenix barn quilt will be perfect for the second edition of the barn/workshop!

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to Miss Birdie's story! And love to see all the living things on your farm.