Friday, July 2, 2021


The daylilies are in full shout, and I saw my first (and so far, only) cicada of the year.

We are blessed with rain and moderate temperatures-- those leaves below poking through the porch floor are the top of a six- foot plus poke weed growing below.



Anvilcloud said...

We have dayliilies out —the common orange kind. The cultivars are on their way too.

KarenB said...

I may get some daylily blooms this year if I can fend off the deer long enough.

Those pokeweeds do get impressively tall don't they? I was thinking of making leaf impressions on clay with their leaves to make dishes, since those lower leaves are so large. Do you know where the name of the plant came from?

Vicki Lane said...

I didn't but now I do-- Thanks, Mr. Google! "The common name poke is derived from puccoon, pocan or poughkone (from an Algonquin Indian name for this plant). Berries were once used to make ink, hence the sometimes-used common name of inkberry. An additional common name is poke sallet, local term meaning salad. "

Barbara Rogers said...

Thanks for the update on pokeweed! Wonder if you'll end of walking on some berries in a bit.