Thursday, June 3, 2021

Still At It

And still really enjoying playing with watercolors! I'm working with the exercises in two different books--that's where most of these images come from.  Though I can't resist adding a bit of background or even a gnome.

 stick the finished exercises in the corner cabinet (the two shelves not occupied by Josie's castle people,) not because I think they're worthy of display, but so I can look at them while at meals and figure out what worked and what didn't.

That yellow iris looks flat--needs highlights; need to do better on preliminary sketches; the puddles on the road actually work but the whole picture is kinda blah; and what is supporting that eggplant anyway?

In anticipation of a mini-watercolor workshop that a talented friend is giving next week, I've upgraded my supplies according to her suggestions--and spent a breathtaking (to me, anyway) amount of money on better quality brushes and paints-which just arrived yesterday and I haven't used them yet.  

We'll see . . .



Anvilcloud said...

Shadows and highlights. When Sue was into watercolor, she knew how to apply them.

Sandra Parshall said...

You are so much better at this than you realize!

Barbara Rogers said...

Cool Gnome picture!
And puddles.
So glad you've upgraded your brushes and paint pigments...I've still got a sable brush from the first watercolor class I took in 1960...they do last a good long time (though I haven't used it in years!)
Keep on!

Thérèse said...

It is just a question of practice and good teachers to learn the "tricks" and how to apply the light effects. You seem good at the practice. I do like the gnome so much!

Sherry Hall said...

Suggestions on good workbooks for learning. My husband is exploring watercolors and I think work
Books would be great Fathers Day gifts

Vicki Lane said...

Sherry--the two I'm using are pretty good at taking you step by step through the process. WATERCOLOR SUCCESS IN FOUR STEPS by Marina Bakasovais mostly little things--pieces of fruit, flowers, veg, pastry, boots--not necessarily stuff I want to paint but painting them teaches me more.

Te other one I'm using is 30 MINUTE LANDSCAPES by Paul Talbot Greaves. Lots of good practical information.

There are also lots of free videos on Youtube --though they tend to move awfully fast.