Thursday, June 10, 2021

Josie Has a Play Date

I am getting ready for a playdate. My friend is coming over. I am fixing a tea party with all my castle people. How does it look?

It's almost time. We are going down to meet them at my house.

I am so excited! This will be the best day EVER!

There is my friend and her papa. He had to change the tire on his truck because it was flat but they finally got here. I was worried the playdate might not happen.

She was a little shy at first because she is much younger than me, but she liked playing in the sand pile. I played there some but also in the branch and I got all wet.

Then we came up to my house and I got some dry clothes. 

We had lunch.

She was still a little shy but I think we are getting to be friends.

After lunch I showed her my castle people.

We had lots of things to play with.

I think she liked the tea set the best. We made raspberry oatmeal tea and she was very good at sharing.

I can't wait for our next play date!



Sandra Parshall said...

It's a pleasure to see her having fun with another little girl! Life is returning to normal at last.

Barbara Rogers said...

Oh boy oh boy oh boy! But I guess I mean oh girls. Simple pleasures, and how nice to be able to share!

Marcia said...

What fun for Josie.

The flower you called indigo, my daughter called false indigo. It was a new one for me. I still don't know what the green spike leaves are going to be. It's not iris as Tom and Beatrice thought but is growing where I did transplant iris so maybe the leaves were confusing.