Monday, June 14, 2021

Josie's Busy Social Life

On Friday I had another playdate with a different little girl. She is almost three and much younger than me but we had a good time. Louise brought her over and Louise is very good at playing. She can get down on the floor like Meema can't.

We played in The Room with my stuffies.

I shared Octalia and then I showed my new friend how to jump on the bed.

It was a short playdate because after lunch I went to visit the place I will be going to school in August. 

And after that, we all went to dinner at BobAGuy and Sue's house. I was the only kid there and I got to play with some neat stuff. Then Mama and Meema and I went home because I was Worn Out from my Very Busy Day.

I think there will be more and more busy days. I will be ready.



Anvilcloud said...

I am pleased for the socialization. School should be good.

Barbara Rogers said...

Oh boy! Going to school in August! And another play date...what a fun life!

Thérèse said...

Sharing and learning and meeting playmates... a full program for Life.