Wednesday, April 7, 2021

Shop Update

Come on in! 

Yes, it's a mess but the wiring is done, insulation, wainscoting(of a sort,) and drywall in place, though not yet mudded and painted. Ceiling to come.

 The pleasant weather is allowing John and Justin to make progress. John is fairly itching to get benches and power tools and storage shelves in place and turn it into a shop rather than a worksite.

Soon. I'll keep you posted.



Thérèse said...

... an art space by the window?

Vicki Lane said...

Would be nice but, in use the shop is noisy and full of sawdust. Also, it's a quarter of a mile down the hill from our house. I have a workroom and an excellent dining table with good light here at the house.

Barbara Rogers said...

Looking very good, and I imagine the scent of the fresh wood is your son's work will be when he's back to being a carpenter again.