Friday, April 9, 2021

Josie as Cinderella

Oh, hi. I am having a cup of tea before I get started on my project. I am going to make a Big Mess.

I am taking everything off my shelves and putting it all over The Room. The books and plushies go on my bed and I am putting other things all around. Meema is watching quietly instead of fussing, for once.

So much stuff! But I got it done and said Look Meema, my shelves are bare! and she said, Good, I will give you an old towel to wipe the shelves with and then I will help you put everything back very neatly.  So that's what we did.

Then I wiped the window sills and the wood stove and everything. I told Meema I was like Cinderella, doing All the Work!

But that wasn't all. I went out on the little deck and wiped things there too. Cinderella has to work hard.

This towel is getting dirty.

But I keep wiping.

I even wipe the plant. (Meema says it is a juniper.) When there is nothing left to wipe, I see that there are some dead leaves in the corner by the wall and I pick up handfuls and drop them off the deck. It is a lot of fun making leaf showers. Now I am like Elsa in Frozen except instead of leaves, she did ice and snow.

I wonder who I will be tomorrow?



Anvilcloud said...

She will know a lot about her life in times to come. There are so few photos from our young years, at least in my case,

Sandra Parshall said...

Josie is doing exactly what I've been doing -- cleaning off shelves, moving things around. But in my case, half of what is removed goes into donation or trash bags. And Josie seems to have a lot more fun than I am.