Friday, April 23, 2021

Josie Paints

Meema and I did some painting Wednesday.

I did Medusa with her snake hair.

I held my brush lightly and did not press down hard.  I drew the Cyclops with one eye.

And then I started drawing A's. I was very good at it.

Oh my gosh! I was so good I just couldn't stop. I made 23 A's and one L. I think that writing is going to be fun.



Miss_Yves said...

Wonderful leisure and great pleasure !

Sandra Parshall said...

Those are excellent As and a very nice L. She'll be writing early, I think, because she is already so engaged by language.

JJM said...

"Writing is going to be fun." Uh-oh, Vicki -- you've got a potential rival here. :D

Wonder which genre she'll drift towards? Right now, I'd say fantasy.

Thérèse said...

I love JJM's comment and do agree.