Monday, April 5, 2021

Josie's Easter

I have a new Easter dress and green sandals.

The Easter Bunny brought me three new castle people. This one is Elsa from Frozen.

The other two are Rapunzel and Briar Rose. They are getting to know the other princesses.

Now it is time to hunt eggs. Bobadog is going too.

I see one!

Got it!

I know there are more out here. I will find them.

A blue one to match my dress!

I think there's another one . . . 

Here it is!

Good thing I have a big basket.

No more here. . .

How many do I have?

This was a sneaky one. 

                                  Also, we saw an Easter toad. 

Daddy and Grumpy helped me look. 

Then we had to pose for a family picture.

We are a happy family.

Then it was time for lunch. The grownups had salad with shrimp and salmon and oranges and stuff. Also hot rolls with butter. I had an open-face cream cheese sandwich. It was shaped like an egg and had sprinkles on it for decoration. I had some hot rolls too.

It was a Happy Easter!



Sandra Parshall said...

Beautiful photos of Josie with her parents. They are a happy family indeed!

Marcia said...

We had an Easter egg hunt in our backyard - our first at this new house. Granddaughters had a wonderful time.
Looks like a great day for Josie.