Sunday, April 21, 2019

Happy (Soggy) Easter!

I'm writing this at 4:30, Saturday afternoon. It's been raining fairly steadily all afternoon but the barn has gotten decorated, the quilts hung, and things are proceeding more or less as usual -- but wetter.

The usual crew has been at work (and play)-- spirits undampened.

Josie was enjoying all the people hanging out at her house. There are cousins and some more kids.

And a few visiting dogs.

 The rain is supposed to end, for the most part, Saturday night and Easter is supposed to be only cloudy. We'll see.

 We'll have a good time, no matter what. And I hope all of you, whatever you're celebrating, do the same.

A few more pictures from the pre-party . . .


Anvilcloud said...

Similar weather here: rain has stopped and skies are cloudy.
I did notice tulips beginning to poke through yesterday.

KarenB said...

Happy Easter to you all! I hope the festivities go well and the skies stay clear for you.

Barbara Rogers said...

Happy Easter. Hope you all have better weather, and lots of fun anyway. It's in 60's (feels aLmost cold) and sunny this morning in FL.

Thérèse said...

Happy Easter Monday Vicki!