Saturday, April 20, 2019

A Mighty Rain

The rain began around midnight on Thursday and continued till Friday afternoon. Something over 3 inches -- and the branches were roaring.

Roaring and, in places, overflowing into our road. Some culverts got clogged and Justin and John worked to get the water back where it should be.

I saw reports of flooding all around the county -- parts of Marshall, roads washed out here and there, bridges underwater . . . we are fine, if soggy. 

Here's hoping things dry out a bit before Sunday and the Easter Party. 


Anvilcloud said...

We are having plenty of rain and rising water here.

Barbara Rogers said...

Have a great Easter. Glad you've got the water situation under control again. We only had a heavy hour, and a bit of showers afterward here in Brandon. But kept hearing of flooding in NC! So it goes.

NCmountainwoman said...

The flooding here is the worst we have seen since we moved here. Not just the low-lying fields, but bridges and lots of roads. We're hoping the "scattered" rains predicted for this weekend will pass us by. Glad you were able to divert the water and are safe and dry.