Sunday, June 17, 2018

Writing at JCC

I think we had fun.

This was quite a class -- folks from varying places and backgrounds with one thing in common -- the desire to write a book.

Oh, and what an assortment of ideas and characters!  
  • A high powered, wise-cracking female executive with ninja skills and a house husband whose skills may exceed hers
  •  A creepy, affectless serial killer and a troubled young woman with intuitive profiling chops 
  • A man, facing his own mortality and determined to leave a legacy of family memories to his children and grandchildren 
  • An adult son struggling to come to grips with his relationship to his father and with the social mores of his small Southern town
  • the first female captain of a mission to Mars, carrying a priest and a trio of nuns (all Korean) to minister to the settlers (there are also companion rabbits) 
  • a little boy whose world morphs into a wonderland as he travels deeper into a familiar forest
  • and a single mother in a dead end job in a sewing plant, struggling to survive and to understand her coworkers
We covered Character, Setting, Dialogue, Plot, Flashbacks, and a whole lot more. 

They had assignments like:

  • Write about your main character from the point of view of someone who hates him/her.
  • Show your character at an emotional low-point and make us aware of the problems facing him/her.
  • Write the copy that will go on the back cover of your novel It should intrigue the reader without giving away the ending.
  • Write a dialogue in which one character's thoughts are at odds with his/her words.
  • And lots more.
At the end of the week they had nearly a dozen scenes, ready to be fitted into the framework of a novel.

I'm confident some fine books will come out of this extraordinary class!


Barbara Rogers said...

Setting is everything (well, at least somewhat) and there you all were, enjoying a gorgeous whale of inspiration!

Thérèse said...

So nice to read contents and objectives and see all these smiles!

Jime said...

Something must be said about you inspiring your students to excel and succeed. I am sure they benefited from your experience as a writer. We are lucky to know you and share your blog.