Sunday, June 24, 2018

Some Other June

Still camera-less but around here, one June looks much like another. These are from 2014 but they could have been taken yesterday -- day lilies rioting, tomatoes forming, garden work ongoing . . . 

We've been enjoying kale and collards and lettuce for a while now but Friday I harvested our first cucumbers and zucchini. And ate our first ripe cherry tomato.

As I write this on Saturday afternoon, I haven't seen Josie or Claui in two weeks. I was away at the Folk School for a week and they left for the beach before I got back. Two weeks is a long time in the life of a 13 month old person -- I know she'll have changed. 

Later: they got home safely Saturday evening  and Justin brought her up when he came to pick up their dogs -- thank goodness she remembered us  -- and oh, my goodness, she seems like a little girl now, rather than a toddler.  I hope I get that camera back soon!

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Anvilcloud said...

Your archived photos have served you well.