Sunday, April 11, 2010

Sunday Gathering

I  find myself once again at the end of the week, looking for something to do with pictures I liked but didn't post earlier. 
Hence, more collages --like a thrifty housewife pulling leftover odds and ends from the fridge to make a soup or an omelette.

Miss Susie Hutchins and Marigold think that you should be sure to biggify in order to see them better.
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jennyfreckles said...

Lovely - I would emjoy a walk down that sunlit path in the middle of the bottom photo.

Pat in east TN said...

I am really enjoying all the beautiful things surrounding me this spring ... guess I'm thankful after the winter we had! Lovely pictures, as always.

Jean Baardsen said...

Beautiful! I enjoyed brunch!

Subby said...

There's nowt wrong wi' left-overs :)

Merisi said...
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Merisi said...

Click to enlarge -
highly recommend, indeed,
very rewarding! :-)

Have I already mentioned that I finally understand more about how my camera works? I owe it to Ken Rockwell! Here is the link for you, for your camera:
Ken Rockwell's Nikon D90 User's Guide
I wished I'd found that guide when I got my camera.

I am shooting my pictures in RAW for some time now, but I was getting really tired of having to convert them to JPEG with iPhoto (PhotoShop is still along way off for me, and also too time consuming for blogging). So I shall switch to JPEG/RAW. I hope it helps the qualitiy of my blog pictures (which to my slowly being better trained eyes lately seem horrible) if I can use the JPEGs right from the camera, only needing to resize them (I need the RAW for my studies).

Sometimes I dream of my old little Sony point and shoot. Live was so simple back then. *wise smile*

Merisi said...

Sorry, Vicki,
that deleted comment was mine:
I had given a faulty link,
now corrected.

Btw, for my D80 handbook I found a pdf file that I printed. Couldn't find it for the D90.

Lisa said...

I think photography is the poetry of the eyes....

I rather enjoyed your collage.

NCmountainwoman said...

Lovely leftovers. Your farm looks like spring. What a wonderful place it must be.

L. D. said...

Your leftovers are so great. I find that I want to share everything that I share but I don't want to overload my post for the day with every good picture. The collage is a great idea.

Vagabonde said...

It would have been a great shame not to show these lovely photos of yours. I wish I could sit on the bench below the flowering tree, or go to the little cat and pet it (I biggified your pictures.) Collages are great – I use them very often myself as I have too many photographs and usually cannot decide which ones to use. I wish we could go in a more rural area to watch lovely landscapes like you show. I guess I need to plan a trip…. That does sound good as it has been two weeks already since we came back from our last trip.

Vicki Lane said...

Thanks, folks -- it's so beautiful just now that I can't stop taking pictures!

And thank you, Merisi, for the link. I hope soon to have a little time to explore my camera more fully! (I know what you mean about the point and shoot but I'm addicted to the Nikon now.)

Friko said...

another wizz who can do mosaics. I really must be very stupid. But I WILL learn. QMM has tried to teach me, will you too, please?

Fridge Soup, I'd love to have you join the cooks? I'd love to send you an invitation, would you accept it?

Miss_Yves said...

"like a thrifty housewife pulling leftover odds and ends from the fridge to make a soup or an omelette."
We could translate, in French by "l'art d'accommoder les restes"!
A nice way to use your photos never used !

Poetry24 said...

I've arrived late to see these lovely collages Vicki. But it was well worth the wait.

Tipper said...

Lovely collages-and I like a leftover pot of soup any day of the week : )

I enjoyed Benjamin and Harriet too-for some reason the comment click wasn't showing up. Love those old photos-they just seem so powerful.

Vicki Lane said...

Friko -- I've sent you an email to discuss your two questions. Thanks for asking -- I'm interested!

Thanks, Miss Yves! Bit by bit, the French is soaking in!

Thanks. Martin! Hope your day was as beautiful as ours!

And thanks, Tipper, for all your comments! Yes, I do love a good soup! And some of the best are those that can never be recreated because of the random nature of leftovers!

Anonymous said...

The countryside or gardens in spring make cheerful and put new heart in everyone.
I like the little wood door with the arch. Is it yours ?

Tammy said...

Lovely 'leftovers' Vicki! Right now there is so much color and beauty bursting out it is hard to take it all in. Thanks for sharing your week.