Sunday, April 25, 2010

A Cow's Spring

                                                          No memory lingers
                                                          Of mud's misery, of dry hay,
                                                          Nor of snow and ice.
                                                          Warm in the Eternal Now,
                                                          The cows graze, gorging on Spring.   

 And speaking of grazing . . . the Obamas, who are vacationing in Asheville this weekend, made an excellent choice for good barbecue . . . they also went hiking . . . I keep wishing they'd stop by and set a spell on the porch.


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Merisi said...

Those lucky cows! :-)

I leafed through a picture gallery of the Obama's visit to North Carolina, thinking of you.

Poetry24 said...

We only need a little warmth to melt away those cold memories. The cattle look content, and why wouldn't they be, grazing in such lush surroundings?

How far is Asheville from where you are?

June said...

I should only be so wise as those cows, living only in the "Eternal Now."

Brian Miller said...

gorging on that line. i miss NC bbq....

Carol Murdock said...

It's wonderful for both the cattle and farmer to not have to put out hay now!I think the Obama's made a wonderful choice for their vacation! :)

Vicki Lane said...

Merisi - The cows really deserve this. The winter was grim.

Martin -- Asheville is about forty-five minutes away from our farm. We are twenty minutes away from the small town that is our county seat and where we do our grocery shopping, banking, post office, etc.

June -- It's an interesting concept, June. Because it IS always now -- but sometimes it's hard to focus on it.

Thank, Brian! 12 Bones bbq is some of the best -- though we do quite good 'cue here at the farm.

Carol! So glad you weren't blown away by one of those tornadoes rampaging around your neck of the woods!

Eliane Zimmermann said...

how similar the meadows look here in switzerland and across the ocean at your place!

jennyfreckles said...

I saw some cows today and they looked very contented in the sunshine. I was too! Watching that Obama video I feel a bit sorry for them - fancy having all that media scrum around when you're on holiday.

Paul C said...

What a wonderful composite of shots celebrating the entrenchment of spring.

Victoria said...

I think the cows probably remember winter and that makes them even more grateful for spring.

Beautiful photos, as always!