Monday, August 18, 2008

Which Vicki Lane?

I've known for some time there were other Vicki Lanes -- quite a few actually. I did a blog on the subject on my Amazon page a while back.

But recently I had a wonderful e-mail experience -- just because I'm not the only Vicki Lane.

The following popped up in my e-mails: (I've removed names and other particulars.)

Just a reminder, the "reunion/party" will be August 31 this year...the Sunday before Labor Day and we are all looking forward to seeing you there! Come anytime that day and all will be welcomed. ______ will be doing his usual wonderful job on the grill and we'll have other goodies ready to eat. There will be volleyball, horseshoes, and more....pool and hot tub will be open to ease those sore muscles and plenty of rockers on the porch just for relaxing.

Please feel free to ask any others I have missed.

PS, _____ broke her hip this year but, as you know a broken hip won't keep her from talking with her friends and family so she will be here with bells on.

Looking forward to seeing you soon...______

To which I replied:

Okay, I'm intrigued. Do I know you? How come I'm getting this email?

And my unknown correspondent answered:

I'm _____'s sister. One of the "evil hoard" This is a party we have every year. We always invite _____'s but for some reason they never come. Hope you change things this year.

Also, how is your husband? _______

I answered:

I don't know ____ -- I don't know any _____s. I'm baffled.

Vicki Lane

And she came back:

If you're serious, then I'm worse than baffled. Sorry for the mix-up...I was emailing a relative in ___ whose name is Vicki Lane also. Excuse the email please.

To which I returned:

Ah, so that's it! Hope you all have a wonderful reunion.

Yet another Vicki Lane

And she said:

And you're THAT Vicki Lane. I get your newsletter every month and guess when I pulled up you as Vicki in the address block, I never looked at it again.

I met you at the Friends' luncheon a couple of years ago and really enjoy your books. Thanks for being nice about my mistake. _____ _____

So I told her:

I thought that might be it. I've gotten quite a giggle out of the whole thing. Almost feel like one of the family.

And I'm so glad you enjoy my books!

Say hi to ____ and _____ and ____ for me. :-),


The Vicki Lane who writes mysteries

And she replied, quite sweetly:

In a message dated 8/12/2008 9:38:34 P.M. Eastern Daylight Time, writes:

Almost feel like one of the family

Well, you have your invitation... come and bring the family! You may even meet some new "characters" for your books...I guarantee you'll meet some "characters!"

But I had to decline:

Aren't families wonderful? I'd be tempted to accept -- which would really confuse matters -- but alas, too many other commitments!

~Vicki (the mystery one)

What a fun mix up! I really was tempted to show up at the reunion.
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Pat in east TN said...

I really got a laugh over the mix-up, but what a hoot that it went on and on like it did. You should go and meet 'the family'. LOL

Susan M. Bell said...

Ya' know. We always say you can't choose your family. But maybe you really can....

Miss_Yves said...

Funny! Recently, I sent a mail to my son ,(17 years old) but someone unknown received it and told me:
Who are you ?
I can imagine his or her surprise , because my text was:

you made a mistake/an error when you wrote :je vient
instead of :
je viens

and be prudent in the campsite because a storm is announced
Your text about slang was interesting .
I hope to go soon on holidays with one of your books in my luggage !

Vicki Lane said...

Ah, Miss Yves, here you are back in the archives. This mix ups are amusing and serve as a reminder of how many there are with our same name. I quite enjoyed my little encounter. And I love to think of the recipient of your mail, wondering who was correcting his grammar and what a campsite had to do with any thing. Actually, it sounds like a message in code! :-)

But do tell me, if you will, which book you plan to read? And will you read the English or the French translation?