Saturday, August 2, 2008

Bugz and Miss Spellcheck

Tune out now, Ann C. -- butterflies and moths are my pictures for today.

But what I want to talk about is Spell Check -- or whatever the name of the program is that ever-so-politely suggests alternate spellings for the words I write. I mentioned in a previous post how this digital kibitzer thought that cloudscape or kaleidoscope might be preferable to colonoscopy. (I have to agree, from an aesthetic point of view.)

And I always got a giggle out of Spell Check's insistence that quilters should be spelled quitters when I co-authored a couple of books on quilting.

Yes, I know that I could just add the word to my dictionary and Miss Spellcheck (a lean, humorless spinster of advanced years and Czechoslovakian heritage is how I picture her) would quit bugging me (the tie-in for the pictures? Groan.)

But I enjoy her suggestions and am charmed when she tells me that a friend's grandson is not a cutie, as I emailed in response to a picture, but a cootie. And that M.E. Froelich, (whom I had occasion to mention on a post to the Dorothy L list) would be happier as M. E. Helicopter, while Deb Andolino of Aliens and Alibis is actually Deb Mandolin.

I don't know, maybe the fact that this silliness entertains me is a sign I need to get out more. But speaking of signs and silliness -- and just to let you all know, after yesterday's post, that we are not entirely welcoming to all creatures in our home -- this picture below is a box in our basement containing rat poison.

You'll note, however, that my husband does warn them.

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Pat in east TN said...

HA ... I like your husband's sense of humor!

Vicki Lane said...

Me too.