Monday, August 25, 2008


"Lovely! See the cloud, the cloud appear!
Lovely! See the rain draw near!"

(from a Zuni Indian Corn-grinding song)

I can imagine what a blessing rain must be, out in the dry Southwest where the Zunis grind their corn. But in this corner of the mountains where the creeks and branches have turned to mud and the pastures are burnt brown, we, too, have been longing for the healing clouds to come and the gentle rains to fall, soaking the dusty soil.

And at last it has rained, is raining, will probably continue raining.

The damp cool air, the clean fresh smell, the dusty foliage, flowers, and fruits all refreshed --
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Kathryn Stripling Byer said...

Vicki, have you seen my Cornwalking poem that uses a Zuni corn-grinding song? We must have similar literary tastes! It's in my first book. American Indian chants have always stirred my imagination and re-inforced my connection to the land.
It began raining last night while I was sitting out with one of our dogs, listening to the night noises in the trees all around. And here it was this morning when we got up, and when I drove in for jury duty.

Vicki Lane said...

Ha! I just went and re-read it -- though it wasn't in my head (at least, not consciously)when I did my post.

Reading Tony Hillerman's mysteries (set on the Navajo reservation) is probably what first turned me on to American Indian chants.

Yep, I'm guessing our literary tastes coincide in more than a few places.

Susan M. Bell said...

I first heard an American Indian chant at a small book store years ago. They had it playing softly throughout the store. Fell absolutely in love. It's something that just seems to get into your whole body and soul and makes you feel like you're flying off to...

...well, let me get back down to Earth. Let's hope this steady, soaking rain lasts for a bit. What a wonderful sight it is.

Pat in east TN said...

I have a couple of CD's of American Indian chants and find them very soothing, just like the rain that arrived here early this morning. Although we've only had 1/4" so far they are calling for several inches ... whatever comes our way will be more then welcome.

Anonymous said...

We've had three wonderful, glorious days of clouds, with rain, gusty winds, then drizzle, showers, thunderstorms, more steady rain,mist, and more showers. I yearn for days like this even more than I used to look forward to the warmth of spring or the first crisp cool days in the fall. May all of you have the joys of just the right amount of rain.

Lynne in Ga.

Susan M. Bell said...

Hey Lynne - My mother-in-law lives down near Savannah, and she was saying yesterday that she was getting a bit tired of all the rain they've been getting. I think while Fay sat off the coast of Florida for a bit, it really affected her weather as well.

So far, it's a nice change up here.

Anonymous said...

pretty!! few things leave me feeling happier than the smell and the sights after rain falls. rain drops on flowers, ahh...I want to lick all of your photos :P

Vicki Lane said...

"Rain falling lightly, drip, drip, dripping . . ." (Not an Indian chant but the beginning of a song I once learned to play on the piano -- a very easy beginners' song)

We have an inch and a quarter and it's still coming down!

My husband is making biscuits for breakfast in celebration.

Lick the photos --love it!

Pat in east TN said...

Lucky you Vicki ... bunches of rain AND homemade biscuts!! Woo hoo!!

We've had just under 1/2", it's coming down slowly ... a beautiful rain for our parched land. We're thankful ....