Sunday, August 31, 2008

Ta DAH!!!

What a lovely surprise! Yesterday's mail brought the current issue of Mystery News and look who's a cover girl! I'd pretty much forgotten the very nice, hour long phone conversation I had with editor Lynn Kaczmarek a while back and it was a delight to pause in my cooking and cleaning (company for dinner again) to read what she had to say.

I've done phone interviews before and am always a little wary -- people have quoted things I didn't say and sometimes haven't actually read my books -- or only just skimmed them -- hence reviewers who think that Elizabeth lives in Asheville or that Vicki runs a herb and flower farm.

But this write up was dead on -- Lynn had not only read my books, she'd studied my website and is a reader of this blog (Hi, Lynn -- loved the editorial about your kittens!). Lynn said such nice things about my writing that I'm still blushing.

You can read the beginning of the article here.

Mystery News
is a bi-monthly publication in the form of a tabloid newspaper. Billed as "the most complete, up-to-date, and entertaining guide to the latest mystery books, writers, and events," it includes interviews and articles about mystery authors, features on mystery movies and audio, news of upcoming mystery conventions, conferences, and awards, and previews of upcoming releases.

And their reviews are the best -- big, meaty, informative reviews of recent releases in the world of mystery -- reviews that will send you to the bookstore or the library till your To Be Read pile is teetering.

(In the same issue, there was also a really nice review by Diana Vickery of Dark Season. My cup runneth over!)

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Pat in east TN said...

Congratulations Vicki!

The snippet they gave us to read is really nice ... guess I'm going to have to order that issue, or better yet simply subscribe. Looking over the table of contents it sure does seem like there is a lot of info in each issue.