Monday, February 9, 2009

Headland, Alabama

While walking around the town square of my brother's adopted home, I discovered the library where they were kind enough to provide me with Internet hookup. So I can share picture of camellias (boy, it's nice to see a blooming flower again!)

and a beautiful old live oak

and another camellia!

It's fun to be in a different place -- but I'm heading home to the mountains tomorrow early.

(Still no word from Herself.)
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Susan M. Bell said...

One thing I miss about Georgia is the live oaks dripping with moss. Savannah is filled with those trees. In front of the hospital where my mom passed several years ago, is one with huge branches that nearly touch the ground in places. Seeing those types of trees...I always have to fight the urge to climb up on one of those branches and just sit there, swinging my feet back and forth like a little kid.

Auntie Knickers said...

Wow. My brother was born in Savannah on March 3. (Many years ago). The story was that my father's rubber-soled shoe melted to the gas pedal on the way to the hospital. Looking out the window here, at all the snow and ice, it's hard to believe that there is a place at the other end of the country (heading in a southwesterly direction that is) where such lovely flowers are blooming! I know it intellectually but I didn't believe it in my heart till I saw your pictures. I ordered In a Dark Season today.

Sue P said...

Hang in there, Vicki. We are all waiting with you to hear about the Miss Birdie book. It's the first thing I check when I get on the computer in the a.m. If you were one of my (now completely grown) kids, I'd tell Herself, "Don't make me come down there!" I would always let them take the fall if they were at fault, but for good work, (and Honey, you do good work!)I was ready to fight any "authority figure" not treating them right! Or what I considered to be right!
On another note, I was glad you got to spend time with Deborah Crombie - she lives in a town just a few miles from me, and is another of my favorite authors. I'm ready for HER to write a new one, too! I'm rambling... Goodnight.

Vicki Lane said...

Susan -- live oaks were part of my childhood and I had a swing, which I adored, hanging from one in my grandparents' back yard. They are such magnificent trees and I do miss them!

Auntie K -- I hadn't realized how hungry I was for the sight of blooming flowers -- and these are indeed beauties!

Hope Dark Season pleases!

Sue P. -- I am so excited to have met Deborah C! As she talked, I kept hearing all the things we have in common -- were we sisters in another life? I'm eager to start in on her series!

And re the Miss Birdies book -- check today's post.