Saturday, February 7, 2009

Stone Bike

Driving through Newport, Tennessee yesterday morning on my way to Birmingham and the Murder in the Magic City Convention, I was at a stop light when something caught my eye.

Fortunately my camera was on the seat beside me; fortunately it was a long, long stop light. I was able to get three shots of what is my new favorite memorial piece.

My previous favorite, from back in the seventies, was a white styrofoam rectangle with a toy princess phone -- off the hook. Plastic roses matching the color of the phone (red, pink, or yellow) rimmed the rectangle and next to the phone were the words, "Jesus called . . ."

But this! The details . . . the size . . . the weight . . . There's glory for you!!!

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Carol Murdock said...

That's pretty neat! The phone one sounds neat too! I had intentions of surprising you this weekend by showing up in B'Ham till I found out a couple of weeks ago my daughter was coming to help me this weekend.I hope you have a wonderful time and a safe return home!

Anonymous said...
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