Monday, February 23, 2009

ICE in Your Cell Phone

Not this kind . . .

But this . . . ICE in your cell phone directory means In Case of Emergency and could be helpful should you be in an accident -- unconscious or otherwise unable to communicate.

It's a simple concept: Just store the number of the person you'd want notified in case of such an emergency under the heading ICE. Or ICE1, ICE2, and ICE3, if you have several. Evidently, hospital personnel and emergency responders of all types are aware of this code.

Of course this isn't a substitute for having similar information in your wallet and you may be one of the dwindling few who doesn't even have a cell phone --but if you do -- this might be useful.

Or you may already know about this -- the young woman whose phone I borrowed for this picture (my cell phone stays in the car) showed me that she had ICE numbers stored in her directory.

Pretty cool.

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Susan M. Bell said...

Good tip. Another thing to think about is having a cell phone in the car even if you don't pay for service. If you dial 911 on a cell phone, what ever company that has a tower and picks it up is required to put the call through to emergency services. You can get one of those cheap, prepaid cells for around $20 or less and don't even have to buy any minutes. Just make sure it stays charged so it will be ready to use if needed.

Vicki Lane said...

What a good idea, Susan! Now that public phone booths are increasingly hard to find, a phone in the car makes a lot of sense.

Anonymous said...
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