Sunday, February 1, 2009


Yesterday we visited friends in Montreat, a historic little town on the other side of Asheville. Nestled in a beautiful mountain cove just outside Black Mountain, Montreat came into being in 1897 as a Christian assembly ground. Lots were sold, a hotel was built, and assemblies -- camp meetings -- were held. At first the participants made do with tents but soon houses were built, houses, for the most part, not intended for year round use. Even today, most are not lived in full time and the population swells in summertime with vacationing families, youth groups, and assorted conference-goers.

Montreat's a singularly pleasant place with many of the original houses and buildings still in use. Sleepy Hollow(not pictured), where our friends were staying , dates back to 1905 -- or earlier -- and is like a palimpsest with tokens from previous generations still in evidence, including a collection of books by Pearl S. Buck who was said to have stayed there while writing her Pulitzer Prize - winning novel The Good Earth.

The North Carolina mountains are home to a number of communities or conference centers or retreats run by various organizations and religious groups (Montreat is Presbyterian). Here at Montreat, the combination of mountains, sky and water, with a harmonious collection of historic cottages tucked back amongst the rhododendrons, is utterly charming and surely conducive to spiritual growth and serenity.

I almost forgot to fret.

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Anonymous said...

Vicki -
Herself is probably in Tampa attending the Super Bowl festivities, staying for the Gasparilla parade, then off to swim with the dolphins:-)
She'll settle in with Miss Birdie's story after her fine Florida vacation and love every minute of it!
We're all sharing the fret - hang in there!

Vicki Lane said...

Why, that must be it! I'll go downstairs where things are just getting underway and look for her face in the crowd.

Liz said...

How long do you think it will be until you hear from Herself? It's quite a risk you've taken straying from Elizabeth and her success. You are a brave woman.

Vicki Lane said...

Truly, I have no real idea, But I do dash to the computer every morning, hoping against hope . . .

Re risk -- the Birdie book was at Herself's suggestion -- spread your wings, she said.