Friday, February 27, 2009


Runic messages

Scratched into the evening sky --

Springtime's swelling twigs.

I love the look of these twigs. They put me in mind of the eponymous code in the Sherlock Holmes story called "The Adventure of the Dancing Men."

This morning I'm traveling to Columbia, SC for their Book Festival -- big doings with Scott Turow as keynote speaker on Sunday. Unfortunately, I'll miss hearing him as I'll be on my way to Troy, NC for a previous engagement -- a presentation at the library there. And then back home on Monday.

Of course the laptop and Miss Birdie will go with me and I'll hope to get in some rewrite time -- not ever having been one to party hardy, it's no sacrifice to turn in early and take advantage of a quiet hotel room to do some work.

Depending on how well my laptop cooperates with the hotel Wi Fi, I'll post again tomorrow.
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Kaye Barley said...

Safe Trip, Vicki - this sounds like a wonderful event!

and while I have you here - I wanted to thank you for not only your wonderful blog (which I adore!), but the others I've discovered through you. Who knew there was so much lovely stuff out there?!!

Vicki Lane said...

Thanks, Kaye! The blogosphere is indeed a rich and varied place! Travel in your jammies!