Sunday, February 15, 2009

Alabama On My Mind . . . and more Miss Birdie

A few more photos from last weekend: above, a lake that looked to me like an image of perfect serenity. I pulled off the road heading home early Sunday morning to get the shot but neglected to notice the name of the place where I was.

Below, a perfect little country church somewhere between Birmingham and Wetumpka.

UPDATE! Tammy Lynn, who was responsible for Murder on the Menu in Wetumpka, has just emailed to say that this was the church in the funeral scene of the movie "Big Fish" which was filmed in and around Wetumpka. Cool!

There are pecan trees everywhere -- groves and remnants of groves. Almost everyone has one or two in their yards. What wealth!

And I take so many pictures of sunrises that it's a real pleasure to see an honest-to-god sunset.

I was up past midnight Thursday night, untangling Miss Birdie and putting it into a different form. I won't go into detail but will say Thank heavens for the computer! I can rearrange chapters and highlight bits that need to be redone to remove Myrna Louise. Now I've begun the slow re-read and working my way through the changes.

Stay tuned.

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TheWritersPorch said...

Beautiful pictures Vicki.......
Pecan Trees are everywhere down here too. We don't have one but know many who do. I love the Church pic. You're right about the computer. Can you imagine what Shakespere and others went through? Makes you admire the works of those authors even more huh?

Susan M. Bell said...

Always feels weird to me when we visit Georgia...the wide open spaces with no mountains around us. I do miss the pecan trees, though. It was so easy and inexpensive to get pecans down there. I have black walnut trees in my yard, but alas, I have not been able to acquire a taste for them. Of course, the squirrels don't mind. :-)

TheWritersPorch said...

Vicki....slipped back in to tell you not to miss my Interview with Gary Carden at TWP.

Vicki Lane said...

Re black walnuts -- we have them everywhere but like you, Susan, I've never acquired a taste for them. Years ago I spent most of a winter day cracking (and that's not easy) and picking out the nut meats to get maybe two cups worth to make a cake. As I recall, it was a weird taste -- good in small bits, but not worth the time it took.