Monday, November 14, 2022

White Stuff and Heart-Warming News

Yesterday morning found a bit of white stuff on our deck. But was it snow--suitable for the barefoot-walk-in-the-first, said to ensure good health?

Whatever it was, I removed my bedroom slippers and ventured out, cautiously holding to a chair as it was slippery. "It" proved to be tiny balls of ice--and only my first step left any impression at all. After that, my feet were too cold to melt the whateverit was.

Just to be sure, I'll take a walk in the first real snow we have. 

My feet were cold, but my heart was warmed by the news that the Dems retain control of the Senate. Grinning too at the circular firing squad going on amongst the GOP. 



Anvilcloud said...

Another tradition that is new and foreign to me. They say we had a few flakes, but I didn’t see them. They are in the forecast, though.

Barbara Rogers said...

Awe, we may have missed that snow...but oh today's frost is thick and very cold. Not due to get past 0 for another couple of hours as we warm up. My heart may not be warm yet, but my face has remembered how to grin again!

Sandra Parshall said...

Sleet. It can pile up like snow but is much more dangerous to walk on. Take care!

jennyfreckles said...

Good heavens. We still have temps about 10° above normal here in UK.

Marcia said...

I too have never heard of walking in the first snow. Must be an Appalachian folk story.
We have white stuff forecast for mid week.